What Makes a Great Therapist?

August 13, 2021

What Makes a Great Therapist?


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“I want to do what I did with the smaller group earlier this week and read you my favorite letter. Because, I think the thing that pushes me and everything...My why...My purpose...are embedded in the idea of service in care to others. Meaning all of those to self, to family, to community, the society. And, if you’re not clearly in touch with just how unbelievable it feels to care for others, my favorite letter of several hundred thousand will hint.”

EPISODE SUMMARY: In this episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Brain Injury Recovery Simplified, Pete and Deb talk about qualities that make someone a good clinician. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Understanding qualities of excellence can aid in selecting the right therapist
  • Striving for excellence is a lifelong quest
  • Proper training may lay a foundation for clinicians developing necessary skills for clinical success
  • Asking significant questions is as important as knowing what to do with the answers
  • Be a good listener to provide excellent patient care
  • Advocacy and listening often go hand in hand
  • Lifelong learning includes topics beyond diagnoses and deficits
  • “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” book or movie can help with understanding brain injury
  • Develop observational skills and don’t be afraid to speak up about what you learn so you can help your patients
  • Traumatic brain injury survivors can re-learn empathy

Pete and Deb talk about these topics and more. We share stories and thoughts from personal experiences and hope this helps you in your clinical practice or recovery.

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