Mirror Therapy

June 15, 2021


“I have to say, out of all the therapies that rehab can do, mirror therapy seems like it’s the most robust. The EBRSR and other meta-analyses get behind mirror therapy so much I’m amazed. And this is just because I’ve known you and we started doing this podcast, I’ve been keeping an eye on mirror therapy, thinking ok it’s a good thing...apparently it’s not a good thing, it’s a great thing...Unlike a meta-analysis that is done where you might look at a meta-analysis from 2016...well, it’s been a while since 2016. The EBRSR is updated every year so you’re always getting the latest and greatest in meta-analysis form and here’s some of the stuff they say...’mirror therapy on its own or in combination with other interventions can improve many aspects of upper limb function following stroke.’  Now you might think that that’s a pretty mild statement, but it says can improve and the word can there is bizarre for the EBRSR cuz they never say can. They say, ‘it may, it may not, it doesn’t seem to, it may, maybe, kinda, sort of’ but this is the one they say ‘it can.’ And that stuck out because there’s only like that and nothing else where they are willing to go out on a limb and say ‘it can.’ And it showed strong evidence, Level 1A, the best, the highest evidence to support the use of mirror therapy to improve unilateral spatial neglect in the subacute phase of stroke recovery and improve upper extremity kinematics and motor function...

EPISODE SUMMARY: This episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Stroke and TBI Recovery Simplified is all about mirror therapy. We talked about:

  • The history of mirror therapy and V. S. Ramachandran
  • Mirror neurons, empathy and brain activity
  • What research says about mirror therapy improving sensation, hemi-inattention/neglect and pusher syndrome
  • Pusher syndrome explained and what it looks like in real life
  • Mirror therapy and complex regional pain syndrome
  • The strong evidence supporting use of mirror therapy as an intervention following stroke
  • Mirror therapy protocols & home programs
  • Noggins And Neurons Podcast listener discounts

Join Pete and Deb as we discuss the ways that mirror therapy can be used to help many of the problems faced by stroke and brain injury survivors.

As always, we want to hear your top takeaways!



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