Leading-Edge OT with Doro & Lynette of NEUROHUB: Part I

July 18, 2021

Leading-Edge OT with Doro & Lynette of NEUROHUB: Part I


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EPISODE SUMMARY: In this episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Stroke and TBI Recovery Simplified, Pete and Deb talk with Doro & Lynette from The Neuro Hub, Orlando, Florida, about leading edge OT services they provide . In part 1 we covered:

  • The Neuro Hub business model and their client-centered practice
  • Following your heart for career satisfaction
  • The Neuro Hub OT Process – evaluation, treatment, goals and motivation
  • The many players and concerns associated with driving following neurological injury (and other diagnoses)
  • The importance of cognition and vision and the relationship among the two
  • Neuroscientists and other medical professionals who inform and inspire us
  • How Doro & Lynette treat subluxation – from therex (it’s not always a bad word in OT practice), to mindfulness, K-T Taping, e-stim and more

Doro & Lynette bring their dynamic personalities and passion for OT to this conversation. We’re certain that everyone who listens will find meaning and inspiration... Clinicians perhaps you’ll break out of tradition and create new opportunities in practice...Survivors and caregivers maybe you’ll seek high quality care for the recovery journey – it’s out there!

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