Jennica & Suzanne from Trio Rehab: PART III

October 30, 2021

Jennica & Suzanne from Trio Rehab: PART III


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EPISODE SUMMARY: In this episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Brain Injury Recovery Simplified, Pete and Deb talk with Jennica Colvin and Suzanne McCrum from Trio Rehabilitation in Texas. We learned about private clinic ownership and more. Topics we covered include:

  • Jennica encourages listeners to follow their dreams
  • Brain primers, intervention, affordable interventions and getting started with home programs to facilitate success
  • Re-establishing brain control over the flexors, stress balls and stretching
  • Using the right questions and proper education to clients and caregivers
  • Slings, cost, subluxation, learned non-use, pain and balance
  • Subluxation, e-stim, markers and videos
  • Sleep after stroke, home assessments and intervention
  • Paying attention to prevent falls and learning floor transfers
  • Using video recording to facilitate physical & cognitive rehab
  • The role of music in aphasia recovery
  • Vestibular rehab, stroke and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

We cover a lot of ground across 3 episodes with Jennica and Suzanne. We hope you find value in our conversation!

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