Emotion Perception After TBI/Stroke w/ Drs. Zupan & Neumann PART 2

October 12, 2021

Emotion Perception After TBI/Stroke w/ Drs. Zupan & Neumann PART 2


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  1. ZUPAN: I think as therapists if you’re really looking for something tangible to use just grab a movie or a tv show and, you know, stop and pause at various scenes. I think that would be a really useful task that you could get that more, I always say ecologically valid, but that more everyday way, I mean, it’s still acting but it’s a better example of how we use and express emotion and the way we need to use all of the cues that are around us to interpret not just one thing. So I think that’s a really good thing that therapists could look to do.

EPISODE SUMMARY: This episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Brain Injury Recovery Simplified continues the conversation with Dawn and Barb. Here’s some of what we covered…

  • What we did during our recording break – yes! We take a break, even when we have guests on the show…
  • Speech therapy schools Pete’s daughter can investigate
  • Emotional inappropriateness as emotional difficulty and the misperception that it’s a cognitive problem. Alexithymia is as aspect of emotion regulation, emotional processing that requires cognition – awareness, evaluation and understanding of emotions that helps to regulate them.
  • Cognitive & emotional empathy, recognizing emotionally neutrality and negative attribution bias
  • Eye tracking and facial recognition
  • The value of authentic peer feedback over that of therapists who wear their professional hats and learning to receiving negative and positive feedback
  • Autism research and crossover to brain injury recovery strategies
  • Lack of feeling ability following brain injury and the impact of training on relationships
  • Survivor misdiagnosis of mental illness by physicians who don’t understand brain injury
  • Look at social emotional communication when survivors feel like something is wrong and are unable to get a diagnosis
  • Correlation of alexithymia and substance use
  • Logic + reason + emotion for optimal decision making
  • Decreased smell, the prefrontal cortex and the connection to empathy and social monitoring

We hope you found value in part 2 of our conversation about emotion regulation with Drs. Zupan and Neumann.

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Obex Technologies are a UK software team working with Dr Dawn Neumann and her colleagues to develop a mobile version of the original Facial Affect Recognition intervention, which will be named FACES in the App stores.  FACES is scheduled for public release in App stores late 2021, where it will be free to download for clinical and academic use.

Facial Affect Recognition Task

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