Deb‘s Trip & Listener Questions

September 6, 2021

EPISODE TITLE: Deb's Trip & Listener Questions


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DEB: I think too, that if we do a case study and we talk about it and we kinda say what our process is and the way that we think about things and link it to the research, maybe it will help clinicians to know that they’re probably thinking about things the right way. I think sometimes there’s just insecurities around trying something new. Or, even doing what you think you should do. Especially if you don’t have a mentor available to you...which I always recommend anybody have a mentor of some type or even work in a clinic where there are seasoned therapists there or at least people who have some more experience than you do because it’s hard. Especially when you’re a new grad. It’s hard to put all those pieces together in a meaningful way. And then...yeah!

EPISODE SUMMARY: In this episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Brain Injury Recovery Simplified, Pete and Deb talked about Florida travels and listener questions. We talked about:

  • Deb’s Florida travels-rural towns and ALF visiting leniency, catching up with cousins, dolphins and beauty.
  • Florida driving challenges were worth it to see Doro, Lynette and the Neuro Hub in person.
  • While at the Neuro Hub, Deb got to see the RecoveriX in action and experience the Neofect Smart Glove.
  • Upcoming podcast guests, including Dr. Teasell and Marcus Saikaly from the EBRSR, Mary Warren, PhD, OTR/L, vision, tennis and learned non-use; Jennica Colvin and Suzanne McCrum from Trio Rehab in Texas, and Drs. Dawn Neumann and Barbra Zupan who will talk about their work in recovery of emotional behavior in folks with brain injury.
  • Diaschisis, neural pruning, what happens in the brain when a person no longer does an activity and brain area interdependence.
  • Pete’s next book and publishing decisions, his mom and New Jersey weather
  • The Noggins And Neurons Facebook group is growing
  • A listener question about the difference between ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, survivor stories and recovery stats.

We hope you enjoy this fun conversation as much as we did!


Improvement of functional was greater in hemorrhagic than ischemic stroke

Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Course (ACRM)

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