Brain ‘Splain Pete Style

August 25, 2021

Brain 'Splain Pete Style


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EPISODE TITLE: Brain ‘Splain Pete Style

DEB: What?

PETE: So, I’ve got a funny story for you...So, my college had a career development day. And they wanted people to do an hour, hour and a half on whatever they wanted to do and people were doing it on how to run a good zoom meeting and how to grab a great power point and a lot of other interesting things and of course I pitched my crazy, ‘how does the brain really learn? and ‘how can we engage students if we look at it from a neuroscience perspective?’ And they said ok, we’ll give you an hour and a half to do that, so I show up at the college today and I go to the room that I’m’s in this big convention center....and I go to the room I supposed to be in and, ah, the door’s locked. So I called the lady that runs the whole thing and she says, “well, um” I said ‘when will the door be unlocked?’ And she said, “well, um, at 9:00 they’ll be coming in,” this is by the way at 1:00 in the afternoon or 12:00 in the afternoon. “At 9:00 they’ll be coming in and they’ll set up everything so you have it ready” And I’m getting this weird vibe from her and I realize I’m there a day early.

DEB: Awesome!

PETE: And then I said to her, ‘I got a funny story, I’m out in front of the door waiting for somebody to unlock it like an idiot. So, ah, that was fun. But here’s the favor I have to ask you...So what I would like to do is, I know we had an agenda tonight but I would like to do my entire talk for tomorrow for an audience of one and that way I get to practice it.

DEB: That’s a great idea!

PETE: You like that idea?

DEB: I do...

EPISODE SUMMARY: In this episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Brain Injury Recovery Simplified, Pete presents valuable information on “The Brain and How it Learns Simplified: Driving Cortical Plasticity.” We talked about:

  • Deb’s upcoming road trip and her fast car.
  • The number of CEU talks Pete has done from 2010 to 2020 (700 of them) and this teacher presentation being the first live presentation since March of 2020.
  • Review of Pete’s work in research-do you love hearing this stuff as much as I do?
  • Learning defined, the circulatory system defined, the difference between the two and
  • Motor learning, college and motor cognition. It’s the original template for all learning.
  • Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, exercise, sleep and protein synthesis are essential for learning.
  • The homunculus man, the motor cortex and why hands-on learning is key for learning.
  • Using eating, mating and patterns to keep an audience engaged.
  • The Davinci man, arm span and murmurations of starlings to understand how the brain works
  • Repetition, challenge and meaning are necessary for learning. Celebrate small wins to stay motivated and feel life satisfaction.
  • Hemispherectomy and the ability to be independent-no excuses, action observation, tossing balls in class, repetitive practice and measuring change.

Pete practices his presentation and Deb enjoyed being the audience. We hope you find the information valuable too.

As always, we want to hear your top takeaways!


Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey, MD with Eric Hagerman

'I only have half a brain'

The homunculus in 3D

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