Brain Injury Vision Recovery Recap

October 4, 2021

Brain Injury Vision Recovery Recap


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OVERVIEW - Conversation: Pete and Deb joke about Pete’s microphone being on the floor and his pre-podcast snacking. We also talk a bit about equipment design and fabrication because Deb’s friend and OT colleague designed a new piece of adaptive equipment. Pete shared his experience around production based on the arm skate he designed. It’s a fun and interesting conversation!  

EPISODE SUMMARY: This episode of NOGGINS & NEURONS: Stroke and TBI Recovery Simplified recaps our thoughts and perspectives on the conversation we had with vision expert, Dr. Mary Warren. In this episode Pete and Deb talk about:

  • The OTA students’ love for Pete and the PTA students quick grasp of neuro concepts
  • Deb’s AOTA proposal acceptance for the national conference in spring ’22 and Pete’s talk withdrawal from ACRM
  • Noggins And Neurons podcast and Facebook stats
  • Pete’s reminder that practitioners have an inside track to what the research shows works and practice-based intervention
  • Stupid questions, feeling stupid and professional relationships
  • The negative impact of missing vision deficits, how to pick them up sooner and appropriate intervention strategies
  • Quick screen to determine if a visual field cut is present
  • Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist clarification
  • biVABA vision assessment, how to locate it, YouTube video demo and more
  • Vision interventions to implement now
  • Pete explains ABAB experiment design
  • Dr. Mary Warren conversation snippets followed by Deb and Pete thoughts

We love talking about what we learned in the Vision episodes with Dr. Warren. Review certainly helps us grow in our roles as clinicians and educators; Pete and I hope you find benefit too!

As always, we want to hear your top takeaways!


Brain Injury Visual Assessment Battery for Adults (Demo)

Brain Injury Visual Assessment Battery for Adults (biVABA)

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A Hierarchical Model for Evaluation and Treatment of Visual Perceptual Dysfunction in Adult Acquired Brain Injury, Part 1

A Hierarchical Model for Evaluation and Treatment of Visual Perceptual Dysfunction in Adult Acquired Brain Injury, Part 2

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